Medical and Biological Engineering Education

Medical and Biological Engineering Study Programs in Europe

EAMBES member INBIT (Institute of Biomedical Technology, Greece)  reviewed existing undergraduate and postgraduate Biomedical Engineering (BME) study programs in Europe and identified more than 340 study programs offered today. 

Gain free access to INBIT’s comprehensive online Medical and Biological Engineering study programs catalogue.  

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The following educational material is provided courtesy of Professor Helmut Hutten (all rights reserved by Prof. H. Hutten, Mar 2021):

1) Does MBES need a Code of Ethics? by Prof. H. Hutten, MediTech 2018

2) Advancing Technologies – A Permanent Challenge for Medical & Biological Engineering & Science (MBES), by Prof. H. Hutten

3) MBE: From Ideas to Successful Medical Products, by Prof. H. Hutten, 2009

Part 1: Introduction and General Statements

Part 2: Ideas and Roots 

Part 3: Physical and In-vitro Diagnostics

Part 4: Instrumentation for Therapy and Surgery

Part 5: Imaging and Image Processing

Part 6: Implants and Technical Aids