MEDEA is a European leading firm providing services to implement innovation management strategies. MEDEA services are based on a structured framework able to generate and maximize the evidence of the multidimensional impact of an innovation and to support value -based innovation strategies. By following a co-creation approach with reference stakeholders and multidisciplinary experts, MEDEA’s innovation management framework supports the definition, collection and processing of quantitative and qualitative data and indicators to generate evidence about the technological, clinical and socio-economic value of innovative services (innovation impact assessment) and to identify determinants supporting impact maximization and value-driven innovation deployment strategies (impact assurance) MEDEA is Chair of the Health Working Group within the Alliance for the Internet of things Innovation; AIOTI ( aiming to drive business, policy, research and innovation development in the IoT and other converging technologies across the Digital Value Chain to support digitization and competitiveness of Europe. The AIOTI association also co-operates with extra -Europe regions to ensure removal of barriers to development of the IoT & Edge Computing market, while preserving European values, including privacy and consumer protection.