Richard REILLY
Professor of Neural Engineering

Professor of Neural Engineering, Trinity College, The University of Dublin, Ireland

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Richard Reilly is Professor of Neural Engineering at Trinity College, The University of Dublin, a joint position between the School of Medicine and School of Engineering. He is a Principal Investigator of the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering and of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. His research focuses on the processing of signals that diagnose the human physiological and cognitive state: non-invasive electrophysical biomarkers for cognitive function, patient-oriented neurodiagnostics methods, neural prosthetics and therapeutic neuromodulation devices. He is a member of the Royal Irish Academy, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering & Science and a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is a past President of the European Society of Engineering and Medicine. He is currently a member of the Board of the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin and a member of the Health Products Regulatory Authority of Ireland’s Advisory Committee on Medical Device. He was awarded the Haughton Medal from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland in 2013. In 2004, he was awarded a US Fulbright Award for research collaboration into multisensory integration with the Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, New York. He is a former Silvanus P. Thompson International Lecturer for the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Professor Reilly received his BE degree in Electronic Engineering, an MEngSc and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University College Dublin. He has authored and co-authored over 480 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and conferences.

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