Paolo Antonio Netti
Prof. Dr.

Director, Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Biomedical Materials, University Federico II, Napoli, Italy

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Short CV

Paolo A. Netti received his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1994 from the University of Naples Federico II. Then he spent 4 years postdoc at Harvard Medical School working with Rakesh K. Jain. He has pioneered  the concept of integrating molecular sequestration and release mechanisms in the design of novel biomaterial scaffolds able to control and guide the complex process of tissue growth at single cell level. Following this bioinspired approach, he has proposed a novel class of cell instructive materials, that -by recapitulating the basic functions of the extracellular matrix- provide a tight spatial and temporal control of the cellular microenvironment and offer the potentiality to control cell and tissue fate. He has served on several European Scientific Commission panels for defining a viable European roadmap for the development of novel biomaterials platforms (VII framework program), he is currently the panel chair of the ERC Advanced Grant committee for the PE5 domain and has also served as a scientific tutor for several research platforms from the Italian Minister of Research and University (Program FIRB by MIUR). He is member of several advisory boards and committees and has authored over 400 scientific articles accumulating over 10000 citations. He is today a full professor of Bioengineering at the University of Naples “Federico II” and the director of the Centre for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care (IIT@CRIB) of the Italian Institute of Technology.