Marko Munih

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of electrical engineering

Inaugurated for:

his contributions in rehabilitation engineering science and industry, with impact in functional electric stimulation of paralyzed muscles, rehabilitation robotics, and contactless measurements of kinematics with Inertial Measurement Units.

Short CV

Marko Munih (Ph.D., University of Ljubljana, 1993, Posdoc at UCL, London) is a Full Professor, Head of Robolab at University of Ljubljana since 1997. His early research interests were focused in functional electrical stimulation of paraplegic lower extremities with surface electrode systems, including measurements, control, biomechanics and electrical circuits. In continuation the research focus is on robot contact with environment, as well as in construction and use of haptic interfaces in the fields of industry and rehabilitation engineering, in combination with VR. Notable impact had research on physiological computing linked to rehabilitation robotics. In the industrial field also research of specific robot applications in construction, robots for deburring and measurement tasks, quality inspection, covering laser technology for measurement of distance and deviation. Lately also research of contactless measurements of kinematics with Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) implemented in exoskeletons and prosthetic devices.
Among all these fields he was/is partner PI on eleven EU projects, as well as lead direct industry funded projects. He (co)authored 140 reviewed journals publications, 5 patents and 7 textbooks.