Professor, Biomedical Engineering department, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Principal Scientist, MR Clinical Science department, Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands 

Inaugurated for:

his outstanding work in pattern recognition and image processing and the promotion of cooperation between academia and industry.

Short CV

Marcel Breeuwer received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering (Information Theory) in 1982 from the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, and in 1985 his PhD from the Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for his research on supplementing lipreading with auditory information. From 1985-1996 he was Research Scientist at the Philips Research Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where he investigated data compression of audio, video and medical images and was heading the video coding team. In 1996 he started as Senior Scientist at Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands in the area of image-guided surgery and medical image processing. In 2006 he became Principal Scientist and head of the cardiovascular team in the Clinical Science & Advanced Development department of the Business Unit Clinical Informatics Solutions and in 2010 he moved to the Clinical Science department of the Business Unit Magnetic Resonance. His focus is on medical image analysis and visualization and on computational modeling applications for supporting the care of patients with cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, or cancer. He has lead several externally funded projects and has represented Philips in numerous European research projects. He is (co)author of over 180 scientific publications and (co)inventor of over 40 patent applications. He is professor (1 day/week) in the Medical Image Analysis group of the Biomedical Engineering department of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, with focus on the clinical application of image analysis and visualization. He is member of the Board of the Dutch Society of Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (NVPHBV) and Fellow of the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering Sciences (EAMBES).