International conference on Basic and Clinical multimodal Imaging (BaCI)
Start September 5, 2013
End September 8, 2013
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Venue country Geneve

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Setember 5-8, 2013, Geneve

We are happy to invite you to the first international conference on Basic and Clinical multimodal Imaging (BaCI).

This is a joint meeting of five international societies interested in the promotion and dissemination of non-invasive imaging methods that allow to understand human brain functions and their disturbances in neurological and psychiatric diseases. The meeting is an attempt to bring together basic and clinical scientists to discuss the newest methodological advances in imaging methodologies and their experimental and clinical applications.

The meeting will assemble two groups of scientists who until now hold individual meetings, one group more oriented towards methodological developments of signal and image analysis (ISFSI and ISBEM), the other towards clinical applications of these methods (ISBET, ISNIP, ECNS). It was felt that efforts should be undertaken to bring these two groups of researchers together in order to jointly advance the state-of-the art of non-invasive imaging. This will help to promote interactions between those who develop and those who apply imaging methods.

We try to put together a meeting of high scientific quality with lively discussions on different controversial issues related to emerging new imaging tools and analysis methods and their experimental and clinical applications.

Just proceeding the BaCI meeting, on September 2, Geneva will also host the 3rd Workshop on Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces. The workshop will "discuss the use of neuro-physiological signals as a modality for the automatic recognition of affective and cognitive states." Such application might also be of interest for the BaCI community.

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