From insulin mimetics to the artificial pancreas
Start January 29, 2018
End January 2, 2018
Venue address Webb street, Bar-Ilan University campus
Venue Details Bar-Ilan University
Venue country Israel, Ramat-Gan

Our workshop ( for young researches) will cover innovative research in all areas related to islet biology, from the developmental origin of endocrine cell types in fetal life to development of artificial pancreas. The specific goals of the meeting are: to present published and unpublished data that cover critical knowledge gaps in the field, to teach students how to conduct quality islets related research and to show different aspects of using the islets physiology for therapeutic targets and tissue engineering. Lecturers will deliver comprehensive presentations on methods which increase insulin production and secretion. These methods include classical medicinal chemistry approaches, the nanotechnology based design of artificial pancreas, the artificial islets of Langerhans, the bionic pancreas and closed-loop devices. The four days’ workshop will include 20 lectures given by senior academic staff from Israel and abroad following by 10 PhD/postdocs students and short oral presentations. Prizes will be given for the two best oral and two best poster presentation for young scientists.We expect around 200 participants.

Contact person Prof. Gruzman Arie
Contact mail gruzmaa(at)