DMD Europe 2014
Start October 22, 2014
End October 24, 2014
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Venue country TU Aula Conference Centre Delft, The Netherlands

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Design of Medical Devices Europe 2014

In close collaboration with the successful Design of Medical Devices Conference in Minneapolis, USA (world’s largest medical device conference), and with the support of the Innovative Medical Devices Initiative (IMDI), we are pleased to announce the second DMD Conference – Europe 2014, with three-days of multiple medical devices fast forward interactive demo sessions on topics, such as:

Image Guided Interventions

Endovascular and intraluminal devices
Interventional robotic devices
Technology-aided surgery

Hand held manipulation devices
User centered devices

Exoskeletons and orthotic devices

Awards for best pitch and best interactive demo
A 250 euro prize will be awarded for the best pitch and a 500 euro prize will be awarded for the best interactive demo that are presented during the five interactive sessions. The speakers at the interactive session are therefore encouraged to bring their prototypes or experimental setup and show its use to the public, fellow researchers and designers.

Contact person Dineke Heersma
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