Biomedical Engineering Excellent Perspectives for Health and Innovation in Europe
Start June 26, 2013
End June 26, 2013
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Venue country Brussels, Belgium

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June 26, 2013, Brussels

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In modern healthcare, the quality of patient care is significantly influenced by technological progress. Biomedical engineering is the discipline at the foundation of the entire range of health technologies, and thus contributes to maintaining health for the European citizens. The interdisciplinary cooperation of physicians, engineers, and scientists opens up new possibilities in both, medical diagnosis and treatment, as well as disease prevention and rehabilitation. One of the biggest challenges in biomedical engineering is the translation of research into medical devices that show a clear clinical benefit for the patient and the care system as a whole. In addition, new technological approaches must be transferred into successful commercialisation. One of the current "hot topics" in biomedical engineering are personalised medical devices. Prominent examples are customized implants, individualised telecare approaches, or image-guided individualized intervention and disease staging. However, to translate and to transfer these concepts into clinical applications and medical products various hurdles have to be overcome.

It is the focus of this event:

to demonstrate that biomedical engineering is an innovative area of R&D that offers a high medical and

commercial potential,

to identify the support that is needed to successfully translate and transfer research into medical


to discuss how biomedical engineering can play a significant role within EU innovation policy.

In the light of the current challenges of health systems, in particular the demographic change and increasing costs, it will be of high importance to fully utilize the potential of technological innovation for the benefit of the individual patient. We are looking forward to an exciting discussion about the European perspective on biomedical engineering.

Dr. Oliver Lehmkühler Dr. Cord Schlötelburg
Cluster Manager Head of German Society for
MedizinTechnik.NRW Biomedical Engineering (DGBMT) within VDE


Welcome address
Rainer Steffens
Head of Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Brussels, BE

Dr. Oliver Lehmkühler
Cluster Manager MedizinTechnik.NRW, Düsseldorf, GE

Biomedical Engineering - A Personalised Approach
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitz-Rode
Director, Chair of Applied Medical Technology, University of Aachen, GE

Personalised Medical Imaging - The Case of MRI
Dr. Olaf Such
Global Head of Clinical Science MRI, Philips Healthcare, Best, NL

From the Idea to the Patient: Where are the hurdles in Biomedical Engineering Innovation?
Prof. Dr. Birgit Glasmacher
President of the European Alliance for Medical and Biological Engineering & Science (EAMBES), Brussels, BE
Biomedical Engineering in the Context of Health Research
Dr. Arnd Hoeveler
Head of Unit, Advanced therapies and systems medicine, Directorate General Research and Innovation, European Commission, Brussels, BE

Biomedical Engineering and ICT
Robert Begier
Unit Health & Well-being, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content & Technology, European Commission, Brussels, BE
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