46th ESAO Conference in Hannover: Smartificial Devices for our Future
Start September 3, 2019
End September 7, 2019
Venue address Conti Campus, Königsworther Platz 1, 30167 Hannover, Germany
Venue Details Leibniz University Hannover
Venue country Germany, Hannover

The key objective of ESAO 2019 is to promote advances in science and technology for the benefit of human health and contribute to the evolution of medical care. ESAO 2019 provides a unique platform for multidisciplinary discussions from different perspectives and will foster interdisciplinary collaborations in engineering, physical, biological and medical sciences. ESAO 2019 is the kind of International Congress that brings together not only researchers, scientists and clinicians but also industries over the world to interact and share of ideas, knowledge, experience, and research findings. The motto of ESAO 2019 is ‘Smartificial Devices for our Future’. Our programme will include specific sessions, workshops and symposia in artificial and biohybrid technologies and discoveries, clinical trials, regulatory approval of new devices, scaling up, commercialisation, ageing society, career development of young investigators in yESAO, women leadership, education, and outreach. Keynote lectures given by world leaders and experts in artificial organ development will be the highlight of the conference

Contact person Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr.-Ing. B. Glasmacher