2014 SLTB conference
Start October 8, 2014
End October 10, 2014
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Venue country University College London

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Society for Low Temperature Biology 50th Anniversary Celebration, Annual Scientific Conference & AGM
The 2014 SLTB conference is hosted by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London. This special event celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Society for Low Temperature Biology and reflects the diverse specialisms of low temperature science and its application across multidisciplinary fields including: environmental and polar cryobiology, the cryo-conservation of biodiversity, biopreservation for biobanks, cryopreservation as applied to IVF and cold technologies used in therapeutic medicine.

A day of celebration on 8th October will showcase the SLTB, invited speakers will share their views and experiences regarding past, present and future developments in different low temperature fields. Celebrations include an afternoon reception with special events, posters and exhibitions followed by an anniversary dinner.

Looking to the future, three special symposia (9th - 10th October) have been compiled to commemorate the SLTB’s anniversary conference; their themes convey the contemporary contributions that low temperature science and technologies are making in areas that are of global significance.

The first symposium ‘Global Food Security and Cryopreservation’addresses the critical issue of crop genetic resources security and sustainability. The second, ‘Low Temperature Biobanking for Healthcare & Bio-management’ focuses on implementing low temperature best practices and technologies in the rapidly expanding biobanking sector. The concluding symposium ‘Innovations in Low Temperature Biopreservation’ explores cutting edge technologies and novel research applications. Traditional SLTB activities include a Free Communications session‘Low Temperature Science’, posters, student best poster competition and prize, exhibitions and the 50th SLTB AGM.

The conference organizers invite you to join in the Society for Low Temperature Biology’s 50th anniversary celebrations and special symposia.

Further information will be posted on the SLTB website www.sltb.info

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