12th International Conference Polymers for Advanced Technologies PAT 2013
Start September 29, 2013
End October 2, 2013
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Venue country Berlin - Germany

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29 September - 02 October 2013, Berlin
Dear colleagues,

We hereby invite your participation to the 12th PAT conference to be held in Berlin, Germany on 29/9/13–2/10/13. We anticipate a full and exciting program under the motto From Macromolecules to Materials to Systems with provisions for over 400 participants in a stimulating environment. Abstract submissions are welcome for those wishing to contribute scientifically to our large poster session or oral presentations. Oral contributions will include six plenary lectures from highly distinguished guests, 52 invited speakers, and several shorter oral presentations spread over specialized sessions for particular subject areas.
PAT conferences are organized under auspices of the Polymers for Advanced Technologies journal in response to recent significant changes in the patterns of materials research and development.

Worldwide attention has been focused on the critical importance of materials in the creation of new devices and systems. It is now recognized that materials are often the limiting factor in bringing a new technical concept to fruition and that polymers are often the materials of choice in these demanding applications. A significant portion of the polymer research ongoing in the world is directly or indirectly related to complex, interdisciplinary problems whose successful solution is necessary for achievement of broad system objectives. The versatility of polymeric materials originates from the broad variety in their chemical structure and in their hierarchical organization as well as from the possibility to realize a wide spectrum of functions. Often such functions result from a combination of a molecular architecture/morphology with a physical process and therefore require integration in a suitable system or environment.
The first PAT conference took place in Jerusalem in 1987, the following were held in: Oxford (1993), Pisa (1995), Leipzig (1997), Tokyo (1999), Eilat (2001), Fort Lauderdale (2003), Budapest (2005), Shanghai (2007), Jerusalem (2009), and Lodz (2011).

We invite you to come to Berlin to PAT 2013, as the German capital will serve as a prominent location with a high density of scientific and industrial activities in polymer research and teaching, both university as well as non-university. Offering the opportunity for scientists and experts in the fields of polymer oriented materials to gather in order to communicate their latest state-of-the-art findings in a multi-disciplinary environment, Berlin will also provide an exciting venue for the conference.
I very much look forward to welcoming you in Berlin for this year’s meeting.
Andreas Lendlein
(Conference chairman)

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