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Founding Fellow // 2012

Professor, Eindhoven university of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The Netherlands

  [email protected]

Short CV

1983-1989       Clinical Physicist Radiology, project leader PACS, Utrecht University Hospital, Utrecht, NL
1989-200         Associate Researcher Medical Image Analysis, Utrecht University Hospital
2001-2017       Professor and Chair of  Biomedical Image Analysis, Eindhoven.

Major scientific interests: 

  • trying to understand the fundamental mathematics of vision in the brain, and applying the results to innovative algorithms for computer-aided diagnosis;
  • multi-modal and interactive 3D visualization, with special attention to diffusion tensor imaging of brain connections and networks;
  • blindness prevention, in particular by diabetes screening from retina fundus images;
  • image guided surgery, directed towards deep-brain stimulation in neurosurgery.

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Bart M.