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50 years of MEG

Conference // Poros, Greece

Half a century has gone by since Magnetoencephalography (MEG) was invented. For half that time various clinical and research applications of it were attempted with considerable success, notably in the area of epilepsy and pre-surgical functional mapping. Yet the best way, out of several, to apply it and interpret the finding still remains conjectural. Accordingly, the purpose of this invitational conference is to take stock of the current applications, discuss and decide on how to optimize such applications, assess the new clinical and research applications, especially for markers of neuropsychiatric and other disorders, and evaluate the new instruments and analytic procedures that have been recently developed.

Event Starts 20 Apr 2018
9:00 AM
Event Ends 21 Apr 2018
14:00 pm
Venue Details Siren Hotel, Poros
Siren Hotel, Poros


Contact Person Dr. Roberts, Dr. Papanicolaou