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BSc in Information Technologies

International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Program Description

Information Technology Program aims to: Train the students to have a theoretical background in basic sciences and engineering and to be equipped with necessary technical skills, Develop students' competency in reading, writing, and oral communication, Provide practical experience which will enable students to utilize and enhance their engineering knowledge, Promote students' self-discipline and self-assurance and the ability to learn on their own, Encourage teamwork, collaboration and development of interpersonal skills, Motivate the students towards contributing to the progress of science and technology, Teach the importance of ethical behavior in social and professional life, Produce graduates for the engineering and the business communities who are observant, inquisitive and open to new technologies for developing better solutions, Produce graduates for the engineering and business communities with integrity, determination, judgment, motivation, ability, and education to assume a leadership role to meet the demanding challenges of the society. To facilitate the provision of a quality learning experience for each student that fosters engagement with their programme of study and promotes independent study and life-long learning; To maintain a high quality, comprehensive and coherent computing focused curriculum informed by research, scholarly activity and practice which enhances each participant’s career prospects; To develop professionals with a sound understanding of computing and a critical awareness of current issues, who are able to adopt appropriate research strategies, and are informed of wider contextual issues; To encourage the creative and appropriate application of technology to promote innovation, enterprise, and employability;To promote ethical awareness and professionalism supported by a strong appreciation of industry focussed skills and practice.

Programs offered in: English

Duration & Prices

Start Date
September 2019
3 years

Full time

5000 Euro
15 August 2019

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