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MSc Program in Genetics and Bioengineering

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Program Description

The mission of the Master Program at the Department of Genetics and Bioengineering is to educate its students about the principles of life sciences and engineering so that they are able to develop solutions to problems within their chosen fields. Furthermore, the aim is to enhance students’ scientific skills, particularly within the disciplines of genetics, bioengineering, and biomedicine, while emphasizing teamwork, leadership as well as independent and innovative mindsets.

The Program includes both one- and two-year studies that comprise a mandatory total of 60 ECTS and 120 ECTS credits, respectively. Those students who have successfully completed their Master level studies with an appropriate GPA, have the opportunity to continue onto PhD studies in related field. The graduate program is competitive in an effort to prepare them better for the wealth of opportunities available to them, including careers in academia, business and medicine.

The program is organized in two fields:

  1. Genetics, with focus on applicative genetics, medical genetics, bioinformatics and genetic analysis
  2. Bioengineering, with focus on biomedicine, telemetry and nanotechnology

MSc Program in Genetics and Bioengineering comprises mandatory courses on scientific research methods in both genetics and bioengineering, as well as two-semester Seminar course. An extensive list of elective courses from the field of Bioengineering enables students to further specialize in their field of interest and includes, but is not limited to, studies of cellular and molecular engineering; synthesis, purification and analysis of biomolecules; biomedical telemetry; omics technologies; nanotechnology and nanosensors; medical imaging; and biomaterials. The Program culminates in preparation of Master thesis that is supported by experimental laboratory work. In order to apply for the Program, the candidates have to hold the degree in three- or four-year BSc program in genetics, biology, electrical engineering, pharmacy, chemistry or other related discipline.

Programs offered in: English

Duration & Prices

Start Date
Autumn 2019
1 or 2 years

Full time

5,000 euros (1 year) / 7,500 euros (2 years)
September 11, 2019

More Information
Contact Person Head of the Department Assist. Prof. Lejla Smajlović Skenderagić