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MSc Program in Biomedical Engineering (Univ. of Oulu)

University of Oulu

Campus Full time 2 years Autumn 2018 Finland Oulu

The International Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Engineering (BME) is a two-year interdisciplinary program focusing on Biomechanics and Medical Imaging as well as Biomedical Signal and Image Processing. The BME program is organized by internationally recognized high-quality research groups in close collaboration with the Oulu University Hospital. The program and the international research groups have also cooperation with other health care organizations and health technology industry. The BME program provides with interdisciplinary knowledge in medical and health technologies from theoretical and practical perspective, capability to design and implement biomedical measurement systems and health applications, and process multimodal biomedical signals and images, and opportunity to modify personal study profile according to your professional interests.

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MSc in Bioengineering

Trinity College Dublin

Campus Full time 12 months, full time Mid-September Ireland Dublin

The MSc in Bioengineering provides engineers and scientists with the education, research and creative skills needed to practice in the medical devices industry and focus on important clinical needs. The 12-month MSc in Bioengineering programme provides an introduction to bioengineering for engineering graduates. Students can also opt for the MSc in Bioengineering with Specialisation in Tissue Engineering or MSc in Bioengineering with Specialisation in Neural Engineering. All three streams lead to the award of the MSc in Bioengineering and consist of compulsory core modules, optional modules and an extensive research project.

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MSc Program with Biomedical Engineering as major

BioMediTech, Tampere University of Technology

Campus Full time 2 years 8/27/2017 Finland Tampere

Biomedical Engineering is a broad field with15 PIs (professors, junior professors) working on the field. In the BME major at TUT, the students can focus either on bioinstrumentation or medical physics. These areas explore how the human physiological systems and their functions can be measured, imaged, treated or augmented from the level of molecules to organ systems, how new technologies are commercialized, and how innovative products and methods are developed to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and improve people's health.
Our curriculum gains great benefit from the multidisciplinary research and education at BioMediTech Institute of Biosciences and Medical Technology in Tampere ( Students have a large freedom to select their minor subject. Minors related to biomedical engineering include biomaterials, biomeasurements, computational biology, health informatics, and tissue engineering. In addition, BioMediTech offers minors in the field of cell and molecule biology and bioinformatics.

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Warwick MSc Biomedical Engineering

University of Warwick, School of Engineering

Campus|Online Part time|Full time 1 year 9/24/2017 United Kingdom Warwick

The School of Engineering at the University of Warwick is offering a research-based, flexible, innovative Master programmer in Biomedical Engineering

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