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BSc in Architecture

International Burch University, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Program Description

The Department of Arcihitecture at International Burch University is a vibrant, multicultural community. Our staff are internationaly educated with professors and assistants who have studied in more than five different countries. It is a dynamic and creative environment: built from knowledge and cultural diverisity. The department collaborates with international universities and stakeholders, which offer the students a unique opportunity to gain experience in internationally renowned institutions and prictices. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) Program in Architecture and Interior Architecture at IBU offers an immersive studio approach to education, with all areas of the curriculum brought together through intensive design courses. Student are encouraged to develop critical and creative thinking skills which help them in the field of contemporary architecture practice and further higher education. The syllabus consist of a three- year course which at its heart has Design Studio Courses, complusory and elective Technical Courses and a self-driven Senior Design Project; which allows students to develop their own approach to an architectural project. This approach promotes individual development and creative expression

Programs offered in: English

Duration & Prices

Start Date
3 years

Full time

6,000 km annually (3,000 EUR)

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Contact Person Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emina Zejnilovic