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Promoting BME in Europe

EAMBES and ROHDE public policy has agreed on continuing the collaboration on promotion of BME in EU policy with aim at ensuring that the specific needs of the biomedical engineering community are better understood and addressed in relevant EU policies.

Over the next year, we will identify and outline EU initiatives that are relevant to BME community and aim to make strategic approaches together with Rohde and  EAMBES’ Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG). The emphasis of the activities in 2014 are on Horizon 2020 coming activities on coming strategic program and calls 2016-2018 and possibilities to promote BME in Horizon 2020 activities and on monitoring the legislative developments in respect of biomedical engineering, especially the upcoming edition of the medical device regulation.

Activities to reach these goals include making a Policy toolkit for EU on BME  that will form the basis of EAMBES Activities in 2014 and should be used to engage with the EAMBES membership at large in the promotion of EAMBES’ interests in Horizon 2020 and engagement with the people making the decisions and practical call writing for Horizon 2020 – horizon “champions” including also National Contact Persons. For example Rohde Public Policy will assist EAMBES in organizing a one day awareness seminar for the champions and stakeholders in Brussels. The aim of the seminar is to highlight the importance of BME in advance of European health and innovations towards advancement of European industrial success.

These actions aim to increase policy makers and other stakeholders’ understanding of BME and the opportunities it represents, as to facilitate future discussions concerning funding and support to BME as well as the legislative needs and impact of the legislation on BME area in general and BME research particularly.

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