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EAMBES responds to consultation on mHealth

On the 10 April 2014, the European Commission launched a public consultation on their Green Paper on mobile health or “mHealth” to which EAMBES will give its contribute.

Such consultations are often the prelude to European Commission policy. While responding to consultations in general is a useful way of raising the profile of any organisation with the European Commission, this consultation touches on a number of items of relevance to EAMBES.

The EAMBES Policy Affairs Working Group will be responding to this consultation to ensure that the needs of BME are taken into account in the formulation of policy in this field.

Traditionally, mHealth would be considered to mean the role of telecommunications in health. This Green Paper however has widened the perceived definition of mHealth to include “all patient monitoring devices and other wireless devices.”

The most relevant areas of interest highlighted in the Green Paper pertain primarily to role played by mHealth in the effective delivery of personalised patient treatment including:

  •     Emphasises that mHealth is a driving force in the delivery of effective personalised healthcare through its ability to deliver more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  •     The use of mobile apps can encourage adherence to a healthy lifestyle and lend further support to healthcare professionals, resulting in more personalised and predictive medication and treatment for patients
  •     Input will help identify the right way forward to unlock the potential of mobile health in the EU.

The consultation also seeks to address solutions to foreseeable problems in the effective deployment of mHealth solutions such as implementation. Stakeholders are requested to respond to a series of questions related to these perceived issues. Three questions may be of interest for EAMBES:

     What policy action could be appropriate at EU, as well as at national, level to support equal access and accessibility to healthcare via mHealth?
    What, if anything, do you think should be done, in addition to the proposed actions of the eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020, in order to increase interoperability of mHealth solutions?
    Could you provide specific topics for EU level research & innovation and deployment priorities for mHealth?

The EAMBES PAWG will respond to all of these questions and endeavour to promote BME through working with the European Commission on this topic.

    More information about this Green Paper and consultation can be found here.


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