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The ITECH project is now up and running

EAMBES formally gave its support to a new EC funded project called ITECH, which kicked off at a project meeting on the 28th September 2013 in Seville (Spain), in connection to the Medicon Conference.

ITECH aims at elaborating an European-wide strategic plan for Health Technologies with an objective of contributing to the Horizon 2020 Common EU Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation as outlined in the Europe 2020 strategy and the Innovation Union flagship initiative, focusing on the grand societal challenge. For this purpose, the cooperative project will gather EU and/or national federations and/or groups representative of researchers, engineers, physicians, industry and clinicians and hospitals as well as actors who have been involved in recent initiatives at national and regional levels in the innovation processes. EAMBES has already agreed to contribute to the project, representing the BME community in Europe. Our President, Birgit Glasmacher, will be acting as official representative, bringing to the process the vision of our community.
The project set 7 main operational objectives:

Objective 1

To map existing national and European instruments supporting research & innovation and the “idea-to-market” strategy; identify the similarities and dissimilarities between countries.

Objective 2

To build and validate a model describing the phases of maturation of innovation from research to commercialization.

Objective 3

To identify, from this model, gaps and barriers currently existing at all stages from research to market.

Objective 4

To propose solutions to overcome the identified gaps and barriers.

Objective 5

To find the best schemes for promoting synergies and collaborations with existing actions and infrastructures through a joint top-down and bottom-up process (collection of ideas, exchange of experience, case studies, national and international initiatives).

Objective 6

To road map the areas where European research and industry (including SMEs) can take a 2020 worldwide leadership role and to significantly increase the potential of the European SME leadership link with emerging and efficient Healthcare business models.

Objective 7

To disseminate the outcomes of the project to all actors involved in the process “idea-to-market”.

    If you wish to have more information, visit the official project website


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