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ESR has joined EAMBES

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is a non-profit organisation, exclusively and directly dedicated to promoting and coordinating the scientific, philanthropic, intellectual and professional activities of Radiology in all European countries.

ESR was founded in February 2005 by merging the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) and the European Association of Radiology (EAR), thus establishing a single house of radiology in Europe, and it now represents nearly 60,000 members.

Considering that a substantial group within ESR that is also working in BME, ESR has agreed to join forces with EAMBES and they have recently become formal member of our organisation.

In the past months, the executives of the respective organisations have been strongly in contact and they are planning to come out with some collaborative plans, which shall be presented at the forthcoming General Assembly meeting scheduled on the 8th October 2014 in Hannover (Germany).

  • More information on ESR can be found here

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