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White House publishes position on use of Big Data

The Executive Office of the US President on 01 May 2014, published a position entitled “Big Data: seizing opportunities, preserving values”.

The document highlights the importance of big data in every day society and in essence, largely reflects the type of discussion already ongoing at EU level on the balance of data access vs. data protection.

This document has one key exception however in that it highlights what the US authorities are doing in order to free up access to data for researchers. The 2012 “Data to Knowledge to Action” (DARPA) initiative for example which saw 50 million dollars dedicated to promoting the use of biomedical data is highlighted as a key success story.

The publication of this document by the White House shows how important the US views’ the need for access to data including health data. In later advocacy strategies with EU Officials, the EAMBES Policy Affairs Working Group will highlight this text as an example of what is being done by their US counterparts to great success.

  • The full document can be found here.

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