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The European Alliance for Personalized Medicine (EAPM) conference “Integrating Personalized medicine into EU Strategy”

The European Alliance for Personalized Medicine (EAPM) will host its second annual conference from the 9-10 September 2014 in Brussels Belgium. The ultimate goal of this conference is to raise awareness among policymakers about the intrinsic role of personalized medicine towards improving the lives of modern day patients.

EAPM is a strong proponent for driving forward the concept of personalised medicine in Europe and beyond. With its broad base of stakeholders, drawn from industry, academia, science, research, the healthcare professions, patient groups, policymakers and more, the Alliance provides a platform for key motivated and expert personnel from a wide range of EU Member States.
The conference and European Parliament hosted dinner have the goal of stimulating informed debate, interaction and collaboration over the vital health issues that face European citizens, now and into the future. The timing of the conference is noteworthy given that it coincides with the vote on the incoming College of Commissioners and has the goal of stimulating informed debate, interaction and collaboration over the pressing health issues.
The most pertinent topics to be addressed during the conference will include the following:

  • Why Personalized Medicine adds value to EU healthcare;
  • Cost-efficiency and the road to investment in the era of Personalized Medicine;
  • Personalized Medicine and the Commission – Integration into the EU strategy;
  • Personalized Medicine and the Parliament – Reshaping healthcare for patients;
  • Research frameworks and Big Data;
  • Early access and healthcare delivery.

Registration for the event can be accessed here
The event programme can be accessed here

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