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EU-funded project SOCIENTIZE promoting role played by mHealth in the delivery of personalised medicine

The EU-funded project SOCIENTIZE (Society as e-Infrastructure through technology, innovation and creativity) is serving to highlight the role played by mHealth in the effective delivery of personalised patient treatment.

SOCIENTIZE permits European citizens to immerse themselves in scientific research through bringing together professional and amateur scientists. Moreover, the project facilitates the collaboration of thousands of volunteers, teachers, researchers and developers with the ultimate objective of advancing scientific research.
Through the open source tools developed under the project, participants can assist scientists in the collection of data – which will then be analysed by professional researchers – or even perform tasks that require human cognition or intelligence like image classification or analysis.
Of particular note for EAMBES is that the project is already collecting significant amounts of user-generated data, including health data from the participants using their mobile phones and as such may serve to promote the role played by mHealth in the effective delivery of personalised patient treatment.
The main objectives of the project include:

  • The need to foster interaction and coordination between all citizen-science actors: researchers, resources providers, system administrators, and volunteers from the society. A common interface will be created by offering common tools and workspaces for all of them, by deploying society-pull research and presenting results in an attractive way, including artistic and innovation oriented features.
  • The compilation and sharing of best user practices oriented towards research, infrastructures users and providers, as well as policy-ÔÇÉmakers recommendations for implementing citizen science.

SOCIENTIZE will end in October 2014 and has brought together 12000 citizens in different phases of research activities over a two year period. .
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