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The Human Brain Project, a "catalysis" for neuroscience research

The ICT infrastructures and tools that the Human Brain Project (HBP) is developing will catalyse the way neuroscience research will be done in the near future, concluded an independent panel of 19 experts, mandated by the European Commission, after the first annual review meeting of the Human Brain Project (HBP) in January 2015.

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Aiming at assessing the work of HBP in its first year of activities, the review confirmed that  HBP has "achieved good scientific and technical progress over its first year of activities". This, and other positive conclusions, will be reflected in a report to be released in March 2015.

Following the experts' recommendations, within the next few months the project will focus, amongst other challenges, on the establishment of a world-class experimental ICT infrastructure and on a better alignment and coordination of scientific and data-related activities with brain modelling and simulations.

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