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Prendergast elected new Provost of Trinity College

Former EAMBES President, Professor Patrick Prendergast, has been elected Provost of Irelands most prestigious university.

Prof Prendergast became Provost Elect this week after a vote involving Trinity College academic staff. The position of Provost has a term of ten years, during which the Provost is responsible for leading the college in achieving its core mission in education and research and in strengthening its position as Ireland’s leading university on the world stage.

Prendergast, who will be the youngest provost since 1758, said  he was ‘‘deeply honoured’’ to have been elected and he looks forward to the challenge of leading the college for the next decade.

‘‘I asked the college electorate for my own mandate for a new and different kind of provostship. This has now been granted to me and I am determined to use my experience and proven ability to stand up for Trinity’s interests and to protect our core mission of education and research," he said.

Prendergast – who attended Trinity himself up to PhD level – has held many other key roles at the university including college tutor, director of its Centre for Bioengineering and dean of graduates. He is also widely known internationally, having held several high profile positions in national and international scientific societies: he was President of the European Alliance of Medical and Biological Engineering and Science in 2007 and President of the European Society of Biomechanics from 2002-2004.

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