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From the President: what is “EAMBES News”?

EAMBES President introduces to the membership this new monthly email newsletter, which we intend to transform in the primary vehicle for communication and information for all European biomedical engineers.

At the recent Council meeting, there was an extensive discussion on how we could establish the most effective communication channels with our member institutions, and with the biomedical engineers they represent.  One of the ideas that got more support is that of creating a monthly newsletter, distributed via email, and with a precise format.

In early May 2011 we shall distribute our first issue of “EAMBES News”.  The structure is very simple: a plain-text email message, with no frills, lists the most important news for EAMBES, its membership, and European biomedical engineering at large.  Each news heading (news bit) is accompanied by a few opening lines, to let you decide if you are interested or not, and by a link to the full article, available on the EAMBES web site.

The idea is that when you receive it, you can quickly scan for relevant news and drill down only those you really care about.

When useful the news bit might also include links to additional digital resources such as documents, presentations, database, or services that are connected to that specific news bit.  Some of these resources will be publicly available.

Some others, typically those with added value, will be accessible only for those that are registered to our website, http://www.eambes.org. This is to stimulate all biomedical engineering professionals, students, and researchers in Europe, to sign-on and participate more actively to our community.

A third type of resources, those of higher value, will be accessible only by those who have associated to their login account a valid membership.  EAMBES is a society of societies and institutions, so our members are organisations, not physical persons.  However, through the affiliation to these organisations physical persons can gain the permission required to access even the most valuable resources.  So if you are a member of the European Society of Biomechanics, the European Society of Biomaterials, the German Association of Biomedical Engineering (DGBMT), or of any of the other 60 societies or institutions that form the EAMBES membership (see full list here), when you sign-on the EAMBES web site you simply state it, and we shall take care of the rest.  Once your membership is confirmed, you will gain access to all most valuable resources EAMBES produces and share with its members.

To test run the newsletter service, the first months it will be distributed only to the representatives of the member organisations, who will be invited to forward it to all their members.  However, once the service is fully established, we shall allow a direct subscription, so that all who are interested can sign-in and receive the EAMBES News once per month, in their e-mail folder.

We hope you will enjoy this new service we provide to the European biomedical engineering community at large.  For any comments, suggestions for improvement, criticisms, etc. fell free to write me directly.

Marco Viceconti
EAMBES President
[email protected]


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