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Working towards a better recognition of Biomedical Engineering: report of the work group on Policy Affairs

In the past year EAMBES has increased its capacity to interact with policy makers in order to raise awareness about the issues facing Biomedical Engineering and the health technology research.


A dedicated team of experienced EAMBES members joined the newly created Policy Affairs Working Group (PAWG). Its primary mission is to ensure that policy makers understand the opportunities BME represents and support it as to create more opportunities for our community. The Working Group set itself three objectives:

  •     Position Biomedical Engineering on the EU research and policy agenda
  •     Strengthen the presence of EAMBES in the opinion leading environment at EU level
  •     Create an exchange between EAMBES and key policy makers in the area of biomedical engineering

The Working Group is supported by Giovanni Asta and Leire Solis-Garate two consultants working for Rohde Public Policy, a public affairs company specialised in health and research-related topics.
The PAWGs action have been twofold.
A small delegation met with MEPs and staff in order to raise awareness and secure the support of key-policy players. After meetings with selected Members of the European Parliament and European Commission representatives from desk officers to the head of cabinet of the Commissioner for Research and Innovation, the PAWG created a pool of politicians supporting BME and referring to EAMBES for questions related to health and research.
The PAWG also coordinated EAMBES input in the EU debates and actively participated in policy shaping. Key dossiers notably included the following:

  •     Consultation Innovation Unions EIP on Healthy Ageing
  •     Input to the FP7 review
  •     Consultation on the Common Strategic Framework Programme (the FP8)

In 2011 the PAWG will focus on maintaining a regular dialogue with policy makers as it appeared that they would provide us with more appropriated support if they would better understand our need. EAMBES is therefore renewing its partnership with Rohde Public Policy in order to proactively develop new policy approaches to BME which should eventually result in funding opportunities for BME.

In occasion of the annual General Assembly, held in Brussels on March 15th 2011, Giovanni Asta, Rohde consultant, reported more in details the successful activities undertook during the past year in collaboration with EAMBES.

For the EAMBES members, the presentation can be download from this link.


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