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The European Commission and the Council of the European Union have launched a consultation on “input to the Chronic Diseases reflection process”.

The purpose of the consultation is to gain input from stakeholders on the main issues to be addressed in relation to combating chronic diseases in Europe. Their input will then be used to guide the forthcoming reflection paper on chronic diseases which the Council is currently working on and is expected to be published in 2013.

The purpose of the reflection paper is to improve and coordinate the efforts in chronic disease research in Member States and in collaboration with the Commission to develop common initiatives.
The main topics for consultation are:

  •     The status of chronic disease situation  in Europe
  •     Improving disease prevention and health promotion
  •     Adjusting European Healthcare systems to make them more responsive and effective in their approach to chronic diseases
  •     Identifying healthcare areas where coordinated EU action is necessary in relation to chronic diseases
  •     Identifying research needs and priorities in chronic diseases
  •     Defining needs for Information and data on Chronic diseases
  •      Distribution of tasks and activities between the EU, Member States and stakeholders
  •     How to engage stakeholders more effectively in addressing chronic diseases

For further information please find a discussion paper on the consultation including consultation questions here and the official invitation for consultation here.
The consultation is open for input until 15 April 2012. Responses to the consultation should be sent to [email protected]


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