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Results of the 2012 Council elections

Four additional members of the EAMBES Council were recently elected by the EAMBES delegates through a secret ballot and they were officially presented at the General Assembly held on March 13, 2012 in Brussels.


The General Council election closed on February the 28th 2012 with the following results:
  Birgit Glasmacher     
     30 votes
  Jary Hyttinen          
  29 votes
  Damien Lacroix      
  25 votes
  A.C. Linnenbank  
  24 votes
  Michael Imhoff      
  24 votes

In order to decide between the candidates with equal votes, a run-off election took place, following which Prof Imhoff was elected (15 votes  against 3).

With these four new members, EAMBES now has a Council composed of twelve representatives, whose roles are defined as follows:

  •     President: Marco Viceconti
  •     President Elect: Birgit Glashmacher
  •     Past President: Nicos Maglaveras
  •     Treasurer: Keita Ito
  •     Secretary General: David Simpson
  •     Communication: Damien Lacroix
  •     External Relations: Christopher James
  •     Regulatory & Industrial Affairs: Michael Imhoff
  •     Policy Affairs: Karin Lohmann and Jari Hyttinen
  •     Educational Affairs: Patricia Lawford
  •     Research Affairs: Maria Siebes

We take the opportunity to thank all the candidates who ran for the General Council elections with best wishes for a very successful year, especially to those newly elected! Many congratulations!



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