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EAMBES General Assembly March 13th, 2012

The General Assembly of EAMBES was held on 13 March, 2012, in Brussels the day after the Council meeting. The meeting was very productive an well attended with 18 representatives of societies and institutions present. Here it is a short report by the Secretary General.

Activities carried out over the previous year were reported, with an emphasis on the Policy Affairs Working Party and the professional consultants, Rohde Public Policy, contracted by EAMBES to support this work, and of the EAMBES Manager (Martina Contin). The work carried out by them is evidently essential for EAMBES continued role, and was clearly supported  by the General Assembly.

Financial and organizational plans were presented and discussed that should ensure the continued effectiveness, and growth, of our Alliance. Improved communications with our members was seen as key in this effort.  The Division of Fellows was introduced – which clearly provides EAMBES with a powerful new resource for its work.

It was with great pleasure that we received members of the IFMBE executive, including the current president, Herbert Voigt and the President Elect, Ratko Magjarevic. The relationship between IFMBE and EAMBES had been an unresolved question. We are grateful for the very positive approach of IFMBE in enabling our two organizations to now work together towards our common goals.

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Here you can find the presentations given during the General Assembly.

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