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EAMBES General Council March 12th, 2012

On 12 March, 2012, EAMBES Council met in Brussels, in its new full composition, including the newly elected Councillors. The previous Council meeting was held as a Teleconference in December, and prior to that it met during the 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) in Budapest, in September.


One of the most important outcomes of the March Council meeting was the election of the new EAMBES President Elect: the Councillor Birgit Glasmacher, representative of the European Society for Artificial Organs, nominated for the position and was unanimously elected by the Council members. From the EAMBES team: sincere congratulations!

Prof. Glasmacher will cover the Presidential position from 2013, after working alongside the current President, Prof. Marco Viceconti for the whole year 2012.

During the Council meeting, reports from the President and the Policy Affairs Working Party reviewed the very extensive and successful activities carried out over the year. Clearly EAMBES has demonstrated its engagement and effectiveness in raising the profile of Biomedical Engineering towards EU policy makers. This continues to be the main focus of activity and while many more issues should be addressed, resources, both financial and volunteer time, are currently insufficient to take on additional commitments.

The financial situation continues to be of concern, but the draconian approach to spending agreed on during the last meetings has paid off. The treasurer, Prof. Keita Ito presented a plan that should ensure long-term stability. This includes a recruitment drive: while most European national biomedical engineering societies are already members, there are other groups we aim to reach out to, including some clinical societies (with an interest in medical technologies) and research centres/institutions.

In order to achieve EAMBES’ goals, specific tasks were identified for each council member, including those newly elected. For more information please read here.

The Division of Fellows, foreseen during the inception of EAMBES, has finally become established. For more information please read here. Council approved the list of fellows proposed, and discussed their organization within EAMBES.

Overall, the Council meeting has shown viable plans to build on current successes and representing the biomedical engineering community within the EU policy space.

We are grateful to all Council members, who volunteer their time and effort to this cause.  


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