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EAMBES ‐ Fellows Meeting in Brussels

The Future of Biomedical Engineering in Europe: To the Horizon and Beyond; March 14th and 15th, 2016; Venue: Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences, Hertogsstraat 1, 1000 Brussel, Belgien

Monday, March 14th

  1.30 pm    Welcome, Registration 

  2.00 pm    Opening (H. Schima, J.v.d.Sloten) 

  2.05 pm ‐ 3.00 pm  Invited Lecture: Walter van de Velde (Director, EU‐FET Program): EU Activities for Future and Emerging Technologies  

  3.00 pm ‐ 3.30 pm  Coffee Break 

  3.30 pm ‐ 5.00 pm   Fellows ́ Business Meeting  (For Fellows only) (Chairs: H. Schima, J.v.d.Sloten) 

  7.30 pm ‐ 11 pm   Festive Dinner with Introduction of new Fellows   

Tuesday, March 15th

8.30 am ‐ 11.00 am   Scientific Session 1: Beyond the Horizon: Fellows perspectives (Chairs: J. Spaan, J. Hyttinen) 

8.30 am ‐ 9.00 am     S. Van Huffel:  Smart Diagnostics: Applications and Future Challenges  

9.00 am ‐ 10.00 am    J. Spaan:   Internal Insulin Pump: Orphan Medical Technology, neglected but needed  

10.00 am ‐ 10.30 am   R. Müller:  From Skeletal Systems Mechanobiology to Predictive Medicine  

10.30 am ‐ 11.00 am   R. Ilmoniemi:   Developments in Noninvasive Neurophysiological Measurement and Stimulation  

11.00 am ‐ 11.30 am Coffee Break 

11.30 am ‐ 1.00 pm:  Scientific Session 2: Beyond the Horizon: EU and EAMBES perspectives (Chairs: R. Reilly, K. Schenke‐Leyland) 

11.30 am ‐ 12.00 pm:  J. Hyttinen:  Needs and approaches for EAMBES BME policy activities in EU  

12.00 pm ‐ 12.30 pm:  J. Kennedy (Rhode Policy):  Strategies for EAMBES  

12.30 pm ‐ 1.00 pm:    Discussion    

1:00 pm:   Lunch and farewell 

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